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Ready to sign up for our $49 Basic Package? The Basic Package includes: custom designed landing page on a custom domain, email newsletter and one domain based email address.

Use the form below to submit your information today!

  • Your real name will never be disclosed and is simply for billing purposes. We understand the need for discretion.
  • This is the only name that will be published anywhere.
  • If you have a private mailing address, ie a post office box or UPS store mailbox, this will be used on your newsletter as the legally required address.
  • We may have companies that are interested in sending you product in exchange for being included in your scenes and/or social media.
  • What are your 2 favorite colors OR those of your brand, if you already have a brand established?
  • If you self book then we will include a simple contact form that you will receive via email. If you are with an agency, please include that link here.
  • Your Social Media and Profile Links

    Include all links that you would like linked to from your site. We've included many of the most popular sites, but there is also a place for you to include any that we've missed that you would like to be linked to.
  • Please include full links to any other profiles that you would like included.
  • You will be sent a recurring invoice each month that must be paid in order to maintain your service. Your payment here is solely for the first month of service.
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